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金蘭雪花釀 - Kimlan Fermanted Rice 500g

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金蘭雪花釀 - Kimlan White Amazake - 500 Grams


金蘭雪花釀冬天可搭配湯圓、夏日搭配冰品、早餐燉蛋品嚐,是一年四季保養身體最好的用品,精選台灣圓糯米,以酒釀菌種搭配金蘭獨特之複式發酵技術,釀製而成。渾然天成的濃郁香氣與甜酒甘甜味,並且保持菌種的自然活性,科學化製作技術達到不需添加任何糖類及其他添加物即可自然熟成,並可長期保存,傳統做月子、 健康養生、居家必備。


About the Brand: Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. started its history in Taiwan and has been one of the dominant forces in the global soy sauce and seasoning market for the past 72 years. Seasoning is an integral part of cooking. Kimlan soy sauce makes a dish extraordinary by enhancing the dish's ingredients rather than overwhelming it like other brands of soy sauce

About the Products:
White Amazake is made from specially selected Taiwan glutinous rice and fermented naturally without any added alcohol. It is mainly used in cooking desserts such as ‘Tang Yuan’ (round dumplings) and sweet soups.
Taiwanese brand Kimlan offers naturally fermented pure glutinous rice in 500g bottles. This fermented glutinous rice is inspired by traditional Japanese low-alcoholic drink called ‘amazake’. This fermented glutinous rice is traditionally used as a condiment in Japanese cuisine to make desserts, snacks, smoothies, salad dressings and so on. The Chinese traditional Tang Yuan round dumplings make use of them as an ingredient.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct heat and sunlight.
Special Remarks:Refrigerate once opened.
Suitable for Vegetarians