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金蘭醬油膏 - Kimlan Soy Sauce Paste 590g

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金蘭醬油膏 - Kimlan Soy Paste - 20 Ounces





About the Brand: Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. started its history in Taiwan and has been one of the dominant forces in the global soy sauce and seasoning market for the past 72 years. Seasoning is an integral part of cooking. Kimlan soy sauce makes a dish extraordinary by enhancing the dish's ingredients rather than overwhelming it like other brands of soy sauce
About the Product: 
Kimlan’s soy paste follows the same process as its soy sauce. The difference is the addition of natural glutinous rice. This sweet and savory sauce has many uses. Kimlan's soy paste goes well with any appetizers, stewed foods, poached or fried eggs, steamed vegetables, bbq and fried rice to list a few. This is a sauce that can be added to any dish to enhance flavor.

A spin from the classic taste of Kimlan is a friendship of natural glutinous (sticky) rice to add a savory touch. The blissful new member turns this into a plethora of new dreams. Beneath the main components of sweet and savory, there lies an undertone of umami guaranteed to please your palate from beginning to end in all your senses. Challenge this to any dish your heart desires and your partner will help you shine every time. Introduce it to stewed vegetables, braised meats, noodle soups and let the magic happen.
Directions:Shake well before using.