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Free Home Delivery on order $120+

金蘭花生麵筋 - Kimlan Gluten w/Peanut 14oz

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金蘭花生麵筋 - Kimlan Gluten with Peanut


保存方式: 請勿置於陽光照射之處 
注意事項: 開瓶後請放入冰箱保存 
用途: 稀飯、中式料理用 
備註: 無防腐劑

About the Brand: Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. started its history in Taiwan and has been one of the dominant forces in the global soy sauce and seasoning market for the past 72 years. Seasoning is an integral part of cooking. Kimlan soy sauce makes a dish extraordinary by enhancing the dish's ingredients rather than overwhelming it like other brands of soy sauce
Restore: Do not place in the sun
Note: Please put it in the refrigerator after opening the bottle.
Important: Must be refrigerated after opening to maintain safety 
No preservatives added