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8/4 存貨更新。滿$250 宅配免運!Free Delivery if order $250+
8/4 存貨更新。滿$250 宅配免運!Free Delivery if order $250+

日本愛思必小辣油 - Japanese S&B Chili Oil

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日本小辣油 -S&B ラー油‐ Japanese S & B Chili Oil, - 1.11 Ounces



注意事項:開封後請盡早食畢 、請放置陰涼乾燥處保存、避免高溫及陽光直射之處

S&B La-Yu is made mainly from extract of select red chili peppers. Using our own technique and manufacturing expertise, hot, flavorful and colorful extract is produced, and then sesame oil is added. It features a pungent spiciness, bright red color and the savory flavor of sesame oil.
Use with the sauce of dim-sum, as a relish for soup noodles, a seasoning for fried meat & vegetables, Chinese dressing, topping for sushi rolls or dipping sauce with mayonnaise.

Allergen information: Sesame
Direction: Please eat as soon as possible after opening, please store in a cool dry place to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

S & B Chili Oil, - 1.11 Ounces