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愛思必金牌咖哩塊(小辣) - S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mixed M/Hot 240g

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S&B ゴールデンカレー 中辛

日本愛思必金牌咖哩塊 - Japaense S&B Sauce Mix, Golden Curry, Medium Hot - 7.80 Ounces


金牌咖哩(Golden Curry)是日本最受歡迎的高級日式咖哩品牌之一。此商品內含十二份咖哩,可供十二人次食用。這款咖哩不含任何肉製品,百分百純素食,辣度為中辛,介於甘口與辛口之間的輕微辣度。

保存方法 : 避免陽光直射以及避免存放於高温多濕處
注意事項 : 開封後請放入密封容器内、並放置冷藏庫中保存

Curry was introduced to Japan by the British during the Meiji era of the 1800’s. It has evolved within Japan since then, taking on a unique flavour of its own (milder and a little sweeter than most Indian varieties), and become one of the most commonly utilised flavours in foods such as bread and udon noodles, as well as a much-loved dish in its own right all over the country. Take a look at Japan Centre's Curry & Stewsection for a great range of Japanese curry items.

Enjoy distinct Japanese curry flavours with this Medium-Hot Golden Curry. As easy to use as gravy or chicken stock, this curry roux has a slightly sweet flavour and enough spice to tickle the tastebuds without blowing your head off in the process. This pack contains enough delicious and completely vegetarian curry sauce for 12 servings.

Allergy Advice: Contains Wheat, Celery, Mustard. 
Keep refrigerated in an air-tight container after opening. 
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
No Meat Contained 
No MSG added

S & B Sauce Mix, Golden Curry, Medium Hot - 7.80 Ounces
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