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滿$160宅配免運 Free Delivery on Order $160+

前田園冰淇淋(芒果) - Maeda-En Mango Flavor Sherbet Ice Cream 16oz

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前田園 マンゴーアイス

日本冰淇淋芒果 - Japanese Maeda-en Mango Flavor Sherbet Ice Cream



Although Maeda-en has Japanese roots, it was actually founded in 1984 in the USA. Maeda-en is proud to be the leading brand of ice cream in America. Their mission is delivering high quality, authentic and traditional ice cream products. This mango flavor brings tropical fruits to your palate, don't miss the charming tropical aroma and cool feeling!

Allergy information: Milk
Storage: Keep frozen.

Manufactured in USA.


Maeda En Sherbet, Tropical Fruit, Mango - 1 Pint
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