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Free Home Delivery on order $150+

速效卸妝潔膚水(保溼) - Bifesta Moist Makeup Removing Cleansing Lotion 300ml

速效卸妝潔膚水(保溼) - Mandom Bifesta Cleansing Lotion - 300 Milliliters

◆ 針對消費者對卸妝產品要求不斷提升,除了追求強效的卸妝力外,同時亦希望卸妝產品能令卸妝後的肌膚狀態提升。Bifesta 速效卸妝潔膚水系列,以水的強效潔淨力量,一抹卸妝潔膚,同時令肌膚重現嫩滑透明感。

◆ 現代女性生活節奏急促,對於卸妝潔膚步驟亦希望可快捷完成。速效卸妝潔膚水集卸妝、潔膚、化妝水三合一,迅速卸妝同時鎖水保濕,無需過水。簡單方便,節省更多時間。

A thorough cleansing gel formulated with moisturizing lotion. Contains an ingredient that moisturizes while quickly dissolving makeup without any rubbing. Rinses off easily to reveal supple and dewy skin, Easily dissolves waterproof mascara and oils while clearing up clogged pores and blackheads.