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滿$160宅配免運 Free Delivery on Order $160+

義美冰棒(熊貓) - IMEI Panda Ice Cream Bar 5-ct

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義美熊貓冰棒IMEI Panda Ice Cream Bar



數量: 5支/盒
保存方式: 冷凍於-18℃以下
注意事項: 勿放置在陽光直射與潮濕處

I-mei has been manufacturing food for 80 years, adhering to two operation philosophy,
The additive policy for food has always been "if don't need to add, don't add ".
For raw materials and processing, it is the most strict check,
Using local ingredients in Taiwan, insisting on making by hand,
Let us rest assured that the purchase, let the whole family eat at ease.

Quantity: 5 pieces/box
Storage: freeze below -18℃
Precautions: do not place in direct sunlight and damp places

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