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桃谷蒜蓉醬 - Momoya Taberu Rayu Seasoned Oil with Red Pepper and Garlic 110g

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桃屋の辛そうで辛くない少し辛いラー油 食べるラー油
桃谷蒜蓉醬 - Japanese Momoya Taberu Rayu - 3.87 oz



An interesting factoid for you: Taberu Rayu is a fairly new Japanese condiment. Created in 2009 and hitting peak food trendiness in 2010, this Japanese version of Chinese chili oil is mild in spice, but big on flavor. Momoya makes its Taberu Rayu with rapeseed oil and includes bits of fried garlic, onion, and sesame seeds, for a condiment with an added textural experience. Try this addictive chili oil on gyoza, fried rice, ramen, or really, anything to give it a crunchy, slightly spicy kick.
How to use
As a topping for steamed rice ,risotto,pizza etc.
As a seasoning and ingredient for dishes like stir-fry, noodle and fried rice etc.

Momoya Karasode Karakunai Layu - 3.87 Ounces
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