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下一次存貨更新:4/11 (Sat.) 10am。商品如遇缺貨,可先將商品加入wishlist,到貨時會立即通知!

日本眼罩橘味 - Eye Mask Citrus 14pcs

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花王蒸氣眼罩柚子 - Kao Megurism Steam Eye Mask Yuzu
  • 40度的蒸氣浴
  • 瞬間溫暖疲憊雙眼
  • 日本原裝進口
  • 溫暖眼部疲憊的最佳選擇
  • 旅遊日本藥妝店必買明星商品
  • 上班族、電腦族最需要

Comfort time has doubled (about 20 minutes) * Compared with our previous product Eye mask that warms the eyes that kept working with comfortable steam. From the moment of attachment, a comfortable steam of about 40 ° C gently wraps important eyes and eyes. It's like a steam bath in the eyes. Unleashed from the tension of the day, I will loose from the back to the mood. It fits supple with a soft elastic eye mask.
  • Cautions: Do not use if: 1) you have ailment or inflammation on eyes. 2) you have scars, swelling, or eczema on or around eyes.
  • Warning: Do not use in microwave oven.