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黃金牛蒡 - Gobo/Burdock Root 2 lbs

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Origin: Taiwan
1. 目前生鮮蔬菜品質難控管,您可於提貨時查看品項,不滿意可當下退貨;但售出後一概不接受退換。
2. 日本牛蒡可 UPS 郵寄,請了解損耗風險再訂購。
1. During COVID-19 period, please check the produce when picking up. Once sold, We no longer provide return / exchange for fresh produce.
2. JP Gobo/Burdock can be shipped by UPS. It will be sold AS IS.

- 份量: 1~2 servings
- 保存期: 8~10 days Best By

- 冷藏保鮮 Keep Refrigerated