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日本愛思必咖哩粉 - Japanese S&B Oriental Curry Powder 85g

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日本咖哩粉 - Japanese S&B Oriental Curry Powder 85g
日本銷售地一商品,市占率 65%

S&B Oriental Curry Powder is an export version product of prestigious S&B curry powder with red tin which is by far our most popular product. It is specially formulated using S & B’s tradition and expertise in spices, and the centerpiece of the flavor of S&B Curry products.

The well balanced flavor, color and spiciness of the blended spices can be used for many recipes, e.g. as a seasoning for meat, fish and vegetables or as an additional flavor of mayonnaise or dressing, or in place of pepper, mustard and red chili peppers.

S & B Curry Powder, Oriental - 3 Ounces
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