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日本愛思必芥茉粉 - SB Hot Mustard Powder

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日本芥茉粉 -S&B からし粉‐ S & B Hot Mustard, Oriental - 3 Ounces



保存方法 : 避免陽光直射以及避免存放於高溫多濕處

S&B Oriental Hot Mustard is made from select mustard seeds. Rich flavor of mustard and sharp spiciness enhance flavor of fine Japanese and Chinese dishes. Add water and mix well, set aside for 4-5 minutes, then it is ready to use.
Use as a relish for fried pork cutlets, dumplings, dim sums and other meat dishes. It also good for sandwiches and salad dressing.
Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

S & B Hot Mustard, Oriental - 3 Ounces