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男用鼻貼 - Kao Biore Mens Pore Pad 10 SH

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MENS Biore 男性專用妙鼻貼 - Men's Biore Kao Black Nose Pore Pack Strips - 10 Sheets




This version is distributed by a company named KAO for the Asian market and designed especially for men. The strips are longer to fit guys' noses, and also black in color so the whiteheads show up better. Double win! The strips are also treated with oil absorbing powder to help control sebum and menthol to provide for a cooling sensation as your strip dries. Men's Biore Black Pore Pack removes blackheads instantly and thoroughly. Like the regular Men's Biore Pore Pack, the pore pack strips of Men's Biore Black Pore Pack are longer to fit the nose of Men better. On top of that, it comes with Black sheets so removed blackheads are clearly visible against the black sheet. Also contains Oil absorbing powder to help control sebum on the nose and refreshing menthol to provide a cooling sensation.