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金蘭老抽 - Kimlan Dark Soy Sauce 20oz

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金蘭老抽 - Taiwanese Kimlan Dark Soy Sauce




About the Brand: Kimlan Foods Co. Ltd. started its history in Taiwan and has been one of the dominant forces in the global soy sauce and seasoning market for the past 72 years. Seasoning is an integral part of cooking. Kimlan soy sauce makes a dish extraordinary by enhancing the dish's ingredients rather than overwhelming it like other brands of soy sauce. 
About the Product: Kimlan’s Dark Soy soy sauce is twice brewed, naturally fermented. For over a year this soy sauce is fermented in a controlled environment where temperature and humidity is always consistent. The result is a perfect blend of aroma and flavour.


Kimlan Lou Chau Soy Sauce Dark
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