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下一次存貨更新:4/11 (Sat.) 10am。商品如遇缺貨,可先將商品加入wishlist,到貨時會立即通知!
下一次存貨更新:4/11 (Sat.) 10am。商品如遇缺貨,可先將商品加入wishlist,到貨時會立即通知!

井村屋夾心冰淇淋 - Imuraya Ice Cream Choco

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夾心冰淇淋 - Imuraya Choco Monaka Ice Cream Bar



The secret of the wafer crispy not to collapse is that the layer is covered with a layer of chocolate. Because of this thin layer of chocolate, the crispy and cream maintain their own taste, and the middle layer of chocolate is put together to make the best Monaka ice cream.

Storage Guidelines:Keep Frozen
Allergy information: milk, wheat, soybeans and coconuts.