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下一次存貨更新:4/11 (Sat.) 10am。商品如遇缺貨,可先將商品加入wishlist,到貨時會立即通知!

日本瓜哇咖哩塊 - Java Curry Sauce Mixed M/Hot

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瓜哇咖哩塊 - HOUSE Sauce Mix, Java Curry, Med/Hot




House Foods Java Curry Sauce Mix is a unique blend of spices for a robust curry sauce. Love your meals with a little kick? Java curry is your perfect pick! Roasted onion, cheese, and chutney give the sauce a deep appealing aroma. The spiciness is accentuated with black pepper for a flavorful punch that spice-lovers with crave.

Allergy information:SOYBEANS, WHEAT, MILK
Serving size:9 Servings (4~5 Servings×2)