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愛思必黑芝麻鹽 - Japanese S&B Gomashio Sesame Salt

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S&B 黒ごましお

黑芝麻鹽 -  Japanese S&B Goma Shio Sesame Salt - 1.2 oz


Roasted black sesame and granulated salt are mixed in perfect balance. Since this product was introduced in Japan in1964, the uniqueness of this product that sesame and salt come out evenly at all times has been admired by customers, and therefore it has become a long-selling product.
Sprinkle it on plain rice (mix with rice for rice ball), or add it to your dishes when you need an additional flavor. It is great with salad as well.

S&B Goma Shio Sesame Salt - 1.2 Ounces