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資生堂思波綺上質豐盈護髮霜(軟塌髮適用) - Shiseido Volume Treatment

資生堂思波綺上質豐盈護髮霜(軟塌髮適用)  - Shiseido Tsubaki Volume Tough Hair Treatment 180g


TSUBAKI Volume Touch Treatment removes sebum from the pores, reduce scalp oiliness and adds volume to hair ends for an airy finish with taurine, polyquaternium-11 and sebum absorbing ingredients. Place of Origin Japan Directions After shampooing, remove excess water, and apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair and scalp. Rinse well. If the treatment gets into your eye, immediately flush the eye with water. Keep out of reach of young children. Pump function may deteriorate as a result of repeated use. In this event, replace with a new bottle.