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肌研極潤保濕化粧水 - Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid

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肌研極潤保濕化粧水 - Hada Labo Rohto Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid

  • 全新上市三重玻尿酸の完美處方,保濕力滲透度雙重再進化,實現更長效的水潤Q彈美肌。
  • 嚴選玻尿酸、高效玻尿酸及水解玻尿酸,三種不同分子大小的玻尿酸完美比例,宛如精華液般潤澤,能有效補水鎖水,舒緩乾燥肌膚。
  • 採用與健康肌膚相同的弱酸性。
  • 以溫和對待肌膚為重點,低刺激性,無添加香料、色素、油份、酒精。

Moist facial lotion for dry skin contains super Hyaluronic acid to make your skin moisturized for a long time. Weak acid for sensitive skin. Fragrance free, Colorant free, oil free, and alcohol free. What is Super Hyaluronic Acid (SODIUM ACETYLATED HYALURONATE)? Hyaluronic Acid is known to hold 6L of liquid in only 1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid. Hadarabo Gokujyun skincare series contains Super Hyaluronic Acid which holds twice as much liquid as regular Hyaluronic Acid does. Super Hyaluronic Acid locks in liquid inside and also blends well with oil base skin membrane. It gives moisture to skin and keeps it for a long time.