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生計綠豆凸 - ShengKee Mung Bean Pastry 6-ct

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生計綠豆凸 - Sheng Kee Green Bean Pastry

淨 重:595g

Origin: Made in U.S.A
Contents: 6 Mung Bean Pastry

This item is a handmade, delicious, and seasonal specialties. Definitely try our Green Bean Puff; they are a flakey pastry that is delicately formed, intimately stamped, and deliciously ate.

Sheng Kee is a famous bakery in Taiwan. In every Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, they produce a myriad of moon cakes to celebrate the occasion. They only use the best ingredients in their decades old famous recipes. The result shows in their moon cakes that impress even the most discriminating palates. In addition to their moon cakes, they also make popular Taiwanese pastries such as Green Bean and Yolk Pastries. One bite makes you reminisce about home.